Wednesday, February 20, 2013

7 months!

Alex is 7 months! He sits up alone, gets on his hands and knees and rocks and scoots where he wants to go. He loves the TV remote! When he sees that he moves quickly to get it. He also loves computers. He saw Jake on his and got so excited. I was holding Alex over to see and he was touching the keys. Unfortunately he grabbed the w and pulled up. It is still attached but Jake never knows if he will get one w or 50 when he uses that key!

Alex has two teeth on the bottom now and two on the top. He really hates having anyone look at them. We have found holding him upside down is the best way to check on them.  I think more teeth are coming soon since there is still so much drooling.



Baths (with his toys)

Going in the car

Holding my fingers and “walking”

Holding his bottle to eat

Having his picture taken


When we leave the room

Going to bed

Going into a dark room


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is very low key at our house. This year I did get a card for Jake from Alex. I put the pen in Alex’s hand and he made his mark on the card. When we got home there was a balloon for Alex. He wasn’t too sure what to do at first but he figured it out.


The grandparents sent cards for Alex and he loved them! Mostly he enjoyed licking them but he did get very excited about something new to lick!


Hope you had a great Valentine’s day!

Monday, February 18, 2013

6 months!

Alex is 6 months! He can do so many things now! He started buzzing his lips- all the time! He started rolling from his tummy to his back. Now he can get things he wants and go places.  He giggles and laughs very easily now.

He likes:

His jumpy chair


Sweet potatoes and butternut squash

Chewing on everything!


                                         He doesn’t like:


Waiting for his bottle