30 Days of Thankful

Nov 1- Today I am thankful both Jake and I have jobs. We know so many people that are struggling because the job they have is not paying enough or are out of work. We know we are blessed to have jobs!

Nov 2- Today I am thankful for the Internet. I have met so many wonderful people and been able to do and learn so much because of the Internet. I can also keep in-touch with lots of people very easily and quickly!

Nov 3- Today I am thankful to live in the United States of America. We are so blessed to live here. We have so many opportunities and freedoms that not everyone in the world gets.

Nov 4- Today I am thankful for Friday evening. I love the work week is over and the whole weekend stretches out before me. We keep our weekends pretty flexible and relaxed. I am enjoying my Friday evening right now! Enjoy yours!

Nov 5- Today I am thankful for the public library. I love having access to so many books- many more than I could any other way. I enjoy going and looking around and trying books I wouldn't otherwise.

Nov 6- Today I am thankful we are able to worship how we choose here in the USA. Not everyone has that precious freedom.

Nov 7- Today I am thankful for the location of our home. We are close to stores, parks, doctors, freeways, a large metropolitan city  and all the things we need. We still have a county feel here. It is wonderful to have a city life and a country life. It is great!

Nov 8- Today I am thankful for a good night's sleep. (Hopefully this will be one of those nights because last night sure wasn't!)

Nov 9- Today I am thankful for the people I work with. I have a big presentation coming up and several have been so helpful not only to just bounce ideas off but also to gather information.

Nov 10- Today I am thankful for phones. Most of my family is far away and we use the phone all the time to keep in touch.

Nov 11- Today I am thankful for Veterans and their families. The families make such sacrifices to allow their loved one to serve. The Veterans also sacrifice so they can protect our nation.

Nov 12- Today I am thankful that Wal.mart is open 24 hours! Our fire alarm went off in the middle of the night and I had to go get batteries!   Thank goodness Wal.mart was open!

Nov 13- Today I am thankful for the Primary children at church. (Primary is for children ages 3-11). Today they did the program they have been working on all year. They sang, everyone had a speaking part and it went very well. They did a great job!

Nov 14- Today I am thankful for ibuprofen. I had a terrible headache and the ibuprofen helped me get through the day. What did people do before ibuprofen?

Nov 15- Today I am thankful for Jake. I am so lucky that we have the great relationship we do and I know that most of that is due to Jake. We really pull together when things are hard and work hard to  make sure both of us are happy.

Nov 16- Today I am thankful for our neighbors dogs. I know it sounds silly but it is a little like having dogs- we get to pet them, they are happy to see us and bark when dogs come in our yard- but we don't have to find someone to watch them when we go out of town or take them to the vet.

Nov 17- Today I am thankful for all the things my parents taught me. I know it wasn't easy and hopefully they think it was worth the effort!(I know they do:)

Nov 18- Today I am thankful I got to go to college. I learned so much and had tons of fun!

Nov 19- Today I am thankful my presentation is over! I had a huge presentation at work (long story as to why we were there on Saturday) and it was an added stress. I really don't enjoy presenting for people but it seemed to go well and hopefully they got something out of it.

Nov 20-Today I am thankful for my knowledge of the gospel and to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Nov 21-Today I am thankful for living in the South. I know many parts of the US have had snow already and we are still having days in the high 70s.

Nov 22- Today I am thankful we worked on Saturday Nov 19. I wasn't all that glad on Saturday but I don't have to go to work tomorrow and I am really thankful now!

Nov 23- I am thankful for the gal that cuts my hair. She does a great job and is easy to get a hold of. I love emailing and having her email back with a list of times I can come.

Nov 24- Today I am thankful for a holiday about thinking of all the wonderful things we have to be grateful for. I know I am not as grateful for what I have as I should be. I often find myself thinking about what I don't have. Today I am grateful for what I have. Jake and I are truly blessed.

Nov 25- Today I am thankful for prayer. It is wonderful to have the ability to talk to our Heavenly Father any time  I need to and to know He is there and listening.

Nov 26- Today I am thankful for birthmothers and birthfathers. Placing your child for adoption is not easy and I am grateful for men and women who make that choice and even more grateful for those who share their stories and experiences on the internet. I have learned so much from reading blogs.

Nov 27- Today I am thankful for electricity. We have SO many things that use electricity. It sure makes life easier!

Nov 28- Today I am thankful for channels that show old movies and TV shows. I enjoy watching Cary Grant movies, Bonanza and other old shows and movies. I watched The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer over the Thanksgiving break and really enjoyed it (again!)

Nov 29- Today I am thankful for my family. I have wonderful parents, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins. I am also thankful for Jake's family. I appreciate all both our families do and have done for us.

Nov 30- I am thankful I did 30 Days of Thankful. It has been great to spend each day finding something new to be thankful for. It is easy to spend time thinking about what we don't have (especially on this adoption journey) but this has really made me look at what we do have and all the many blessings we have.