Fun Facts

Fun Facts
Education: Jake has a BS in Business Management. Terri has a BS in Early Childhood Education and a MA in Teaching and Learning with an emphasis in Reading.  Jake is working as a manager. Terri is a Reading Recovery teacher working to get struggling first grade readers on grade level as well as helping struggling second and third graders.
Pets: We don’t have a pet now. We had fish but they weren’t able to make the move and went to live with Terri’s sister and her kids. We would like a dog eventually. We enjoy making friends with the dogs in our neighborhood. Jake is especially good at naming the neighborhood dogs!
Religion: Both of us are lifelong members of the LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) church. We enjoy serving in our church- Terri is a primary teacher (CTR 5 class) and Jake is the High Priest group Secretary. We have both enjoyed serving in other callings in our Ward (congregation).
Politics:  We enjoy keeping up with what is going on in the government both state and federal. Our views are conservative.  
Sports: Jake loves to play softball. He enjoys watching football (the Dallas Cowboys are his favorite team) and the Stanley Cup, and World Series.  Jake has always enjoyed playing sports. Terri isn’t as sports loving but is learning. She loves to swim and do yoga. We play tennis together and throw a ball in the back yard. Jake hopes our children will enjoy sports! He would love to coach.
Music: Both Terri and Jake enjoy music. We love to sing! Jake plays the guitar and Terri plays a little piano. We enjoy many types of music- classical, country, blues, rockabilly, Motown and rock.  Jake is very musical and comes from a musical family. His sisters sing, one brother plays the drums, another plays the trombone, his grandma played the organ and piano and his grandpa played the fiddle and the accordion.  Terri’s family isn’t as musical but one brother and his wife sing and Terri’s grandmother always sang in the church choir.

Fun facts about Jake:  Jake served a mission for the LDS church in Nova Scotia, Canada. He enjoys activities where he is doing something- fishing, woodworking, playing ball, playing music, home improvement projects. He really enjoys teaching himself new things. He taught himself how to build furniture and we have a hutch he made and a coffee table with matching end tables.
School was hard but he persevered and finished college.  Both he and his brother say “You just have to be too stupid to know when you are beat.”  Both struggled in school but for different reasons and both have college degrees.
Jake is extremely hard working.  He is thoughtful, caring, funny and very honest.  If there is a problem that needs solving he can solve it or will work until he does.

Fun Facts about Terri: Terri enjoys crafts of any kind. She can sew, crochet, counted cross stitch, watercolor and paint with acrylics. She enjoys looking for crafts on the internet and modifying them to work for her.  She also enjoys cooking. She has found several great recipes on the internet and has a HUGE list of new ones to try.
Terri has always loved to read and spends free time reading all types of books but she enjoys mysteries the most.
Terri enjoys being in the background and quietly doing what needs to be done. She tries to do everything well and be dependable. School was easy for her and this has made getting more education easy.