Monday, August 27, 2012

The Story part 1

Six weeks ago we brought Alex home. About six weeks before that we found out about him. 

We have been hoping to adopt for along time. (as you already know) We did do lots of things to get our names out there.

We made up pass along cards and gave them to my parents, Mrs. R (of the R House), and anyone else who would pass some along. I left them on tables in restaurants, in public bathrooms (yes, I really did, don't know if it helped but I thought it was worth a try), at rest stops, on bulletin boards, in hotel rooms and anywhere else I could think of.

We had two profiles- on with LDS Family Services and also with Par.ent Pro.files. (If you want more details about Par.ent Pro.files please email me. I am happy to share our experiences.)
I sent out email blasts (it went to everyone we know). I updated them on our experiences, told about our first profile, new profile and our blog (each in separate email blasts- so they heard from us about every 6 months). I let them know how they could help (pray and tell anyone they know about our hope to adopt).


I gave a talk in church and let everyone know we were hoping to adopt (as I was introducing myself-it was my first talk in that ward).


I  let two groups of ladies know at work. I let anyone else know as it came up or felt appropriate. I told them to feel free to share our information with anyone they know.
The response we got to all these things was positive.


We had lots of situations that almost worked out. There were a few attempted scams (no one got any money, luckily).

On May 29 (which is my Grandmother's birthday), I got a call from a colleague. We chatted for a moment and I thought she was calling about a job opening I knew about.  When she asked if we were still hoping to adopt, I was shocked. She said she knew someone named K, who wanted to meet us. I gave her our phone number so we could set up a time.  I was shocked and excited to have a message on our machine when I got home (that very day!). I was super nervous but didn’t want K to wait to hear back so I called and we talked quickly. We decided to meet on June 3. I had a hard time thinking of where to meet so I just suggested our home. She seemed ok with that.

We met June 3 and I was super nervous. We spent all weekend cleaning and thinking about how to make a good first impression. I thought through different questions that we might be asked and how to ask questions without being too nosey or pushy. I thought about how to seem warm and friendly (this is very hard for me when I am nervous- I am shy normally and when I get nervous I become even more quiet).


When K came she brought her mom with her. I was really glad she had that extra support with her decision.  We had a very good time talking and laughing and telling stories. I was really sad when they left. I had made banana bread but because we were having such a good time I forgot to get it out!

We spent the rest of June texting back and forth and calling. I wanted K to know we care about her but didn’t want to be too intrusive. She had a life before she met us and I didn’t want to cause any problems or discomfort.
I am so grateful for all the help we received. All the people who prayed for us, who kept us in mind- even if it didn't work out, passed cards on for us, sent emails for us and who hoped we would eventually somehow have a child join our family.
Sorry there are no pictures with this post. I want to maintain K and her family's privacy. Thanks for understanding.


Coming soon- part 2!


Sunday Thoughts

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Thoughts


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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy 1 Month!

Alex is 1 month old today! We have learned a lot about each other in the last month.


Making faces

Slowly waking up (there is lots of stretching and groaning during the waking up)

Reading magazines with Dad

Bath time

Taking a walk

Looking people in the eye


Wet or dirty diapers

Putting clothes over his head

Being swaddled

Important Facts:

Alex burps easily but some of the burps are so big and loud they scare him!
He makes lots of different facial expressions- not for any reason that we can figure out but they are so fun to watch!

He sleeps well during the night.  We have learned to keep things calm, quiet and pretty dark so he will go back to sleep quickly.

He is already growing out of his clothes! He is not chubby but long through the body. He weighs more than 8 lbs now!

He seems to enjoy machine sounds, the vacuum, the dryer, the dishwasher etc.

We are enjoying every day together! We are excited for what the next month will bring! Some days it seems like Alex has always be part of our life and other days we can't believe he is here. We are so blessed to have him be part of our life and family.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Things have really changed at our house.  Alex is a delight but does take lots of time. Not all the things are must do’s though. I spend lots of time looking at him, holding him and all the regular things like feeding, changing (this boy hates to be even a little wet!) and getting him to sleep.
Being a baby is tiring work!

We have a little bit of a routine and so far we are doing pretty well. The house isn’t always clean and tidy but there are bottles for the baby and clothes for him to wear. Every day we notice some changes- Alex is awake more, he is looking at us when we talk to him, he is making happy noises, etc.

Are you STILL looking at me?

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when we came home from the hospital.  Jake kept saying he didn’t really know what to do with babies- but he is great! He has changed diapers, fed Alex and rocked him to sleep. We have stumbled through things like- is it too quiet? How warm does Alex like to be? Does he like the bottle warmer? So far we have learned a lot and know there are lots more things to learn!
Relaxing with Dad

the pajamas say Little Cowboy