Why Adoption

When Jake and I got married, Jake was working 2nd shift and going to school. I was teaching. Since there aren't many 2nd shift teaching jobs, we only saw each other (awake) on the weekend. We knew we wanted children and thought that our schedules might make it take a bit longer to get pregnant. So we started trying soon after we go married.

When we didn't get pregnant right away, I was sad but not too worried. We hardly saw each other! After Jake graduated from school, we moved. We did get to see each other lots more after the move. After a while I did start to get a bit worried. I found a doctor and we tried some medication. Then I found a more specialized doctor (actually a whole team of doctors) and we tried more tests and medication. We weren't able to have the baby we desire.

Jake and I want to be parents. Through this whole process we have prayed not only for children but to know what to do next. We know that adoption will give us the opportunity to be parents. We love the idea of an open adoption where we know the birth parents and they know us. We plan to exchange cards, letters, emails, pictures and visits if that is what everyone wants. I imagine this is like adding more family to our family. Much like when Jake and I got married and added our families together.

I am excited to see how open adoption will work for us!

Thanks for reading!