Monday, August 6, 2012


Things have really changed at our house.  Alex is a delight but does take lots of time. Not all the things are must do’s though. I spend lots of time looking at him, holding him and all the regular things like feeding, changing (this boy hates to be even a little wet!) and getting him to sleep.
Being a baby is tiring work!

We have a little bit of a routine and so far we are doing pretty well. The house isn’t always clean and tidy but there are bottles for the baby and clothes for him to wear. Every day we notice some changes- Alex is awake more, he is looking at us when we talk to him, he is making happy noises, etc.

Are you STILL looking at me?

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when we came home from the hospital.  Jake kept saying he didn’t really know what to do with babies- but he is great! He has changed diapers, fed Alex and rocked him to sleep. We have stumbled through things like- is it too quiet? How warm does Alex like to be? Does he like the bottle warmer? So far we have learned a lot and know there are lots more things to learn!
Relaxing with Dad

the pajamas say Little Cowboy

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Anonymous said...

so so cute! we love the name alex {alexander} for our first boy.

i would love to hear your adoption story when ever you get the chance. i can imagine how busy y'all are. :)