Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Dad

Since we just had Father’s Day here are some memories of my dad.
My dad has tons of patience. There were lots of nights he spent helping me with math homework. One year it was all word problems. He spent time every night helping me understand what the problem wanted me to do and helping me draw a picture to help me solve the problem.

My sister, Mom, Dad, me!

He loves science fiction movies and books.  Dad enjoyed watching the original Star Trek TV series and I remember watching episodes with him.  I still enjoy those now because they make me think of my dad.  He watched the Star Trek Next Generation also and all the movies. One year Jake and I gave him all the Star Trek episodes on DVD. He loved them. 

Dad is also hard to buy presents for. His birthday is in January and so we work so hard to get a good Christmas present and have to get a birthday present so soon.  One year I saw the perfect gift- a Mustang calendar. He loves Mustangs and at one time owned 4! I got a restaurant gift card to go with it (but that is really more for my mom) and was really excited about the calendar. Christmas morning came and he opened my calendar and another and another and another.  My brothers and sisters all had the same idea. He got 5 that year! 
My dad loves being a grandpa. He loves having us visit and going to see grandkids.  My parents are semi-retired which give them the freedom to travel to baptisms, dance recitals, football and baseball games and other important events in their children and grandchildren’s lives.  I’m so lucky and grateful to have the dad I have.  When I called him today he said, “Thanks for being such and great kid and making being a dad easy.” Having him for a dad made being a good kid easy. 
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Mom, Dad and all us kids!

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