Monday, February 13, 2012


I love roses. We had several rose bushes at our house in Utah and only two here. The roses in Utah always got aphids. I tried natural methods to get rid of them (lady bugs – which didn’t work) and had to go to chemical methods. The roses grew very well in Utah (in spite of the aphids). They don’t seem to grow as easily here in the south.

My great grandmother had 75 rose bushes around her home. They were beautiful! Most were hybrid tea roses so the blooms were huge. She worked hard taking care of them. She did need a bit of help as she got closer to 90. My grandparents lived down the street from her and really helped out with yard work and just checking on her.
Great Grandmother with me (far right) and my brothers, sister and a cousin

My grandmother also had rose bushes- not as many as my great grandmother but close. The roses were in a square bed with irrigation and stepping stones to make caring for them easier. My grandmother had cut roses all over the house. She usually floated them in brandy snifters.  They looked so pretty.

Grandmother with me (blue pants) and brothers and sister

Someday I hope I can have rose bushes too (not 75 but at least 5).

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Chris and Kristy said...

Whenever I think of roses it reminds me of my grandmother. She has the prettiest roses in her back yard. My favorites are the purple ones because they have such an amazing smell. Loved the pictures of you and your grandma's. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.