Wednesday, February 8, 2012

TV and Movies

I recently read that the movies that make the most money have patriotism and traditional values as part of the story line. I was surprised. Maybe we aren’t as different as I thought! There is even an award for them.  As I thought about it; most of the TV and movies we watch fit in that category.  Here's a few examples:

For Christmas, we got the complete set of Get Smart. We have really enjoyed watching them. The Cone of Silence and the Craw!  Hysterical! Get the original series. They are the best!

We have all the Harry Potter movies. I love that even though Harry isn’t perfect, he still triumphs over evil.

We also watch NCIS. I love how the military is shown in a positive light and the bad guy always gets caught.

We also enjoy watching the History channel. Seeing what lead up to different big events in history is really interesting. There was a great series called The Revolution which really made the revolutionary war real.

I’m sure the reason this type of movie makes money is most people like characters they can relate to. Most people like the good guy to win and the bad guy to get caught. They like characters who are trying the best they can to make their life better (just like most people). Maybe someday Hollywood will get the message!

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