Wednesday, December 26, 2012

4 Months

Alex is 4 months! He is getting bigger and stronger everyday!  He is starting to help wash his hair in the bath.  We went to Bass Pro Shop to see the Christmas decorations and he was great. He seems to get a little overwhelmed in big places but he enjoyed waving at all the people (with Jake’s help!).


November 14 they gave me a shower at work. Jake was able to bring Alex. He was so charming! He hasn’t been passed around much but we gave it a shot and he was darling! Lots of ladies held him and he smiled and cooed at all of them.


He likes:

His jumpy chair
He's a little short so he jumps on this!


Going places


Doesn’t like:




Update:  I know this is super late (he was 4 months on November 14) but maybe it falls under the better late than never clause?

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