Thursday, December 27, 2012

5 Months

Oops! We forgot the sign!

Alex is 5 months! He is getting bigger and can do more!  He is taking a bath in the regular tub and eating rice cereal. He loves the bath. He kicks his legs to splash and laughs and giggles. He also loves to look at himself I the mirror. He even licked the mirror one night and was so shocked that it was cold.


Alex is rolling over! He can only go from his back to his tummy so far. This is great until he gets tired of being on his tummy and then he cries. We think he will roll tummy to back any day now but it hasn’t happened yet.


He likes:

His jumpy chair

Grabbing his toes

Going places

Chewing everything!
What a cutie!


Doesn’t like:



Rice cereal that is super runny

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