Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Thoughts (in a new way)

Usually on Sunday I post a quote. Since I am participating in the Blogging A to Z Challenge and posting a quote everyday (one for each letter with Sundays off); I thought I would go a different direction for the Sundays in April.


Several people left comments about enjoying the positive nature of the quotes I have posted so far. That got me thinking. I have so many things to be thankful for and in keeping with the A to Z  idea; I thought that posting Being Thankful A to Z would work! Here's the first few! Stop by next Sunday for a few more!


A is for adoption and Alex. We are so blessed and honored that Alex’s birthmother chose us to parent him. We hope that to have the opportunity to adopt again soon.  

B is for birthmothers. Adoption is not an easy choice. (but there are no easy choices in an unplanned or crisis pregnancy situation). I am thankful for the birthmothers who share their stories in with others. I am thankful for the strength.

C is for Christmas. I enjoy the decorations, looking for gifts for others and especially the feeling around that time of year. It is wonderful to have the Christmas Spirit all year but I am thankful to have it for the month of December at least.

D is for my Dad and Mom. My parents sacrificed a lot to raise my brothers and sisters and I. They were at everything (soccer games, piano recitals, art shows, back to school night etc). They try hard now to be at as many things as they can for the grandchildren.

E is for elections. We are lucky to be able to vote so easily. Going to vote is safe and usually the only problem is the wait in line.

F is for friends. I have so many friends both in real life and on the Internet that helped us on our adoption journey. Several helped me get the blog started. One helped with the first meeting. Many prayed for us as we went through the adoption process.

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Jen Forbes said...

I was just visiting different blogs on the A-Z challenge. Jake and Terri your blog really is very sweet!

Love the idea of the quote, I'm a fan of quotes. I'd love to come back and visit again so I've become a follower.
Regards Jen.