Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Thoughts (in a new way)

Usually on Sunday I post a quote. Since I am participating in the Blogging A to Z Challenge and posting a quote everyday (one for each letter with Sundays off); I thought I would go a different direction for the Sundays in April.

 I have so many things to be thankful for and in keeping with the A to Z  idea thought that posting Being Thankful A to Z would work! Here's a few more! Stop by next week for more!

G is for grass. Jake is from Arizona. He enjoys a yard with desert landscaping. I love grass and greenery.

H is for Husband. I have a wonderful husband. He is so supportive and helpful. Jake has so many wonderful qualities (maybe next year’s A to Z. . .) that it is hard to know where to start. I will say I am lucky to have him.

I is for the Internet. The Internet is so powerful. There are friends to be made; information to be learned; ideas to be shared.  I have learned so much from others sharing their stories and talents. I am thankful they shared.

J is for a Job. I am so thankful for the job I have. I love teaching and seeing the lights come on for children. I am especially grateful for the chance to be a Reading Recovery teacher. (More about that in R) Jobs now are not easy to come by so I know how blessed we are to have this one!

K is for Kids Shots. We have had them take Alex's picture and our family pictures and they turn out great. The prices are reasonable too!

L is for the library. I love to read and can’t afford to buy all the books I want to read (and where would I put them?) The library is like having so many more books than I do!

M is for mom. I am so blessed to be able to be a mom. It is an opportunity I didn't know if I would ever get to have. I am so thankful Alex's birthmother chose us and gave me the honor of being a mom.

N is for November. I am thankful to have a whole month to think about being thankful and November is also National Adoption Month.

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