Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I got the decorating done! It turned out pretty well this year. I really like the mantle. I love all the candles.

I think the tree needs some more ornaments but in this picture it looks great. I saw some wonderful snowflakes online and they are supposed to be at the Dollar Store – but I was too late.  Jake loves a tree with multicolored lights and lots of sparkly things. It was my year to decide and so we have the white lights.  I did put the Dallas Cowboy ornaments on.

We also have a small table in our entry way. I have put different things on it each year. This year I went with the trees. I love how it looks. I wish I had big enough apothecary jars and could put each tree in a jar. My jars are a bit to small.

Here is our table. My sister gave me the place mats.  We had the missionaries over (that is why it is set for four).

I think it really feels like Christmas here! At least it does inside the house, outside it is 60 degrees! We love this weather! How does your house look?

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