Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Ornaments

We draw names in my family for Christmas. With so many nieces and nephews it really is a lot of people to buy for. This year I had my sister Lori and her family (Lori if you are reading- STOP NOW).

I made some ornaments for my sister. I have seen them on the internet and they were super easy!!! I rolled the red paper up and put it in the ornament.  After it was as full as I wanted (I stopped adding more paper when the paper didn't move when I shook the ornament), I painted the belt buckle. After that dried, I painted the black belt. I did all free hand. They are not perfect but I think they look great!
Here it is on the tree!

I didn’t have enough paper to make all six ornaments into Santa bellies- so I made two snowmen (I had white paper). I did the same thing rolling the paper and putting it in the ornament. Then when it was full, I painted the nose on. After that dried, I used the handle of a paint brush to make the dots for the eyes and mouth.

 Frosty on the tree !

Waiting for the paint to dry took longer than anything.  I wanted to keep them myself so I am hoping I can get some more clear ornaments (maybe for 75% off) and make some for us. You could fancy them up by adding ribbon by the hanger or a cute hat to Frosty but I like them simpler (and I needed to get them in the mail).

Almost ready to mail!The buckles look more silvery here (and they are silver!)

Here's what you need:
Clear ornaments (mine came from Michaels)
black paint (I had some. It's just regular black acrylic)
aorange and silver paint (I bought the glittery orange and silver at Walmart. It was in the scrapbook section and only 97 cents!)
red and white cardstock (I  had the paper- left over from another project look in the scrapbook section of the craft store!)

 Have fun! Let me know if you try them too!

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CindeeQ said...

Those are super cute! I will be "pinning" these to my Pinterest account for next year. I bet they would be adorable with the glitter tutorial that has been floating around.
Thanks for posting!