Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Law and Order**

Last week I had jury duty (or as it was called in the letter jury service). Even though I read the letter (several times!!!); I really wasn’t prepared for it to last all week. We showed up the first day and waited in a room. There were about 60 people. We watched a video about what everyone does in the court room, got sworn in (all at the same time) and then went to the courtroom.

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They had everyone’s name in a jar and drew them out. Mine was drawn out. I sat in a juror seat and answered the questions. The lawyers didn’t like me and I had to sit in the rejected juror section. Eventually, the lawyers had a group of jurors they all liked and we were allowed to leave. We all raced for the door. Just as we got to the elevator, we were called back. Turns out, we had to come back the next day! The first case wasn’t going to last too long so, we had to we had to come back for the next case.  

We showed up the next day and we waited. . . and waited. (Turned out the first case took longer than expected.) Finally, we went into the courtroom. This time we didn’t get a jury the lawyers liked before 5:00 so we had to come back THE NEXT DAY!!! (Most of us would have been willing to stay a little longer if it meant we could avoid coming back!) We all showed up the third day and I got to sit in a juror seat again. They still didn’t like me (not that I was disappointed in ANY WAY!!) and I had to go sit with the other rejected jurors. Finally they had a jury all the lawyers liked and we were let go. This time everyone RAN for the exits. Most did not wait for the elevator and took the stairs. We didn’t want to take a chance of getting called back.

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The main thing that surprised me was how slow everything went. There was lots of waiting and wondering what was going on and how long things would take. I was also surprised at how I felt being there. It felt very uncomfortable and disconcerting. Very surprising!

**Disclaimer-reading back over this it sounds negative. . .I tried to make an uncomfortable situation funny. Please take it that way!


Shaileen and Kurt said...

I agree that jury duty is a painful process... it is very interesting but they could easily make it much smoother! I know you dont know me but I really enjoy seeing the inspirational blogs that you post. As my wife and I are also going through the adoption process it is nice to see others doing the same and to know we are not the only ones. Thank you!

Chris and Kristy said...

What a story my friend! I received my first jury duty letter a few months ago and was disappointed when I called the day before and they didn't need me. Guess I should count my blessings! I don't know why the lawyers didn't like you...guess you're just too nice!