Monday, January 9, 2012

Miracle Plants

I was watering our plants the other day and look what I found!

My dad rescued this Christmas Cactus and gave it to me this summer. They had it in a cup with water by their kitchen sink. My dad put it in the pot with dirt and wished us luck. It looked so pitiful when I got it that I didn’t think it would live.

I have it in a North facing window (hoping that it would slowly recover and get a bit stronger) and don’t spend a huge amount of time in that room. It is supposed to be a dining room but we use it as an office.

Hopefully, this means the plant is healthy and will live! The leaves look very healthy in the picture and there are many other tiny buds. I think it is a good sing the plant is doing well.

In other plant news, we are thinking of having a small garden this year. If we do things right we can grow several spring veggies and then fall veggies. I found a book at the library that says we can plant peas and spinach in late February and early March. Wish us luck!

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