Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The plants are growing here!

We are growing cilantro and blueberries. So far we have little tiny cilantro sprouts. I am trying to start the seeds in shifts so we will have cilantro for a while. Ideally- some will be ready and then two or three weeks later some more will be ready. 

This year we have a few blueberries on the smaller bush. I don't know if the bigger bush will EVER have fruit on it. There aren't many berries yet but I hope we will get to eat some! I think the birds may get to the berries first.

We also have a columbine plant that I put in the grove of trees. It is doing pretty well so far. I am a bit worried since it has been so hot the past couple days.  Hopefully it will add some color to that part of the yard.

What is growing at your house?


That corgi :) said...

Weeds are growing here :)

I like the idea of doing shifts with the cilantro to have it available for a longer period of time :)


Anonymous said...

I started vegetable plants and herbs by seeds. I'm going to have lots of tomato plants. May need to give some away.