Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Tom!

Today is my brother Tom’s birthday. He is the middle child in our family (which he likes to remind us of often!) but  also the oldest boy (does that cancel out being the middle child?).  Tom loves to joke and have fun. He tells great stories that are mostly true. He has always been very goal oriented, even as a kid; and got his jobs done before anyone else so he could do what he wanted on Saturdays.  

I called to find out how his birthday is going. Tom has kids of his own now and said they are celebrating on Saturday. The kids have scouts tonight, sports tomorrow, a camp out on Friday and that leaves Saturday. I thought that would give everyone time to anticipate the great day. He said it will give them time to buy better presents.  Tom was home alone with the baby so no one else knows to buy better presents.  (If they had been home he would have said it louder and waited for comments!)

Tom (far left) with the rest of us!
Happy Birthday Tom! Hope you get some great presents!

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