Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's Fall (for real!)

from Pinterest

Fall is here! We have a few leaves starting to change and the temperatures are MUCH cooler.  The leaves aren’t this brilliant yet, but they will be soon.

I love fall. I love decorating the house with pumpkins and fall wreaths and other great knick knacks. (I have tons of crafty things bookmarked!) Fall is the start of the holiday season! Halloween is coming and it will be Thanksgiving quick and then CHRISTMAS!  Christmas is my favorite holiday. We have great food, the house is so cheery and festive and we enjoy being together to celebrate!

This year we are trying to add more local flavor to fall. We went to the Greek Fest and we are going to try some other local festivals.  They are much more fun with less humidity!

It is getting cool enough for chicken chili, apple bread and other great fall food. Stay tuned!

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