Friday, November 25, 2011

The Day After

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had delicious food, great company and the Cowboys won. (That  makes for the perfect Thanksgiving!)

Somehow this:

always turns into this:

and we had lots of plates that look like this:

We are thrilled to have leftovers! I got food pictures but no people pictures! I need to work on that!

I am not a big Black Friday shopper. I really enjoy sleeping in that day. My brother Tom started the Day-After-Thanksgiving tradition of eating Pumpkin Pie for breakfast. I’m not exactly sure when the tradition started. I think it was when we visited relatives in St. George, Utah one year.  Anyway, I tried to continue the tradition but just couldn’t quite eat the pie at 6:00 am. (Yes, that is sleeping in for me.) So here is what I ate at 10:00.  I think it is close enough to count. It was FABULOUS! (If you haven't tried pumpkin pie for breakfast you should!)

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Holly said...

Pumpkin pie for breakfast?! Sounds awesome to me...I may just start that tradition.