Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Positive Adoption Language

Positive Adoption Language is really important. Like many things there have been changes in adoption both in how adoption works and what words are used. Here’s a great chart that will help us use the positive language. As with everything, each family is different and may have slightly different terms for everyone involved. If you are unsure- ask!

Positive Adoption Language

The words we use while talking about adoption can send unintended messages. When writing about or discussing adoption, please consider using language from the right-hand column.

Negative Terms
Preferred Terms
Giving up her child for adoption
Placing her child for adoption
Real parent; natural parent
Birth parent, biological parent
Adoptive parent
His adopted child
His child
Born to unmarried parents
Child who was adopted
To keep
To parent
Adoptable child; available child
Waiting child
Foreign adoption
International adoption
Track down parents
Unwanted child
Child placed for adoption
Is adopted
Was adopted


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