Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thanksgiving is coming!!!!!


We love Thanksgiving here. Jake and I grew up with some different traditions and not just in the food area.

I grew up far from relatives, so we had just our immediate family and some close friends for Thanksgiving dinner. We had homemade cranberry sauce (it has big chunks and is GREAT) and the stuffing is dry and DOES NOT GO IN THE BIRD.  My mom is not a huge gravy fan but my dad is so on Thanksgiving we had gravy.  We didn’t have mashed potatoes but a different kind loaded with cheese.

Jake grew up close to both sets of grandparents and lots of aunts, uncles and cousins. Thanksgiving dinners were filled with family. They had cranberry jelly (from a can with no lumps) and his mom made a stuffing that is sort of like a casserole (and really a meal by itself!). There was tons of homemade gravy and mashed potatoes. They also had dinner based on when the Dallas Cowboy game is (either before or after).

We have a combination of the two. We eat Jake’s mom stuffing (it is SO wonderful!!) and eat around the Dallas Cowboy game. We do have both kinds of cranberries (we each think our kind makes the meal) and mashed potatoes (some years with the peals and some years without). Our gravy comes out of a can (way easier and always perfect!!!) We eat the leftovers for several meals and enjoy every bit!

We enjoy our time together and talking about what we are thankful for. Some years we go to my parents and some years we are here at home. Our church has a dinner on Wednesday and we have gone to that the last couple years.

How do you celebrate?

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