Monday, July 25, 2011

The Baby's Room

I have been looking at nurseries. Everyone has a different idea of a baby’s room. Some are so bright and colorful. Others are so full of knick-knacks. 
I love this. It would work easily for a boy or girl.

Beach Cottage Love: Nautical Nursery

The colors are great. It is so soothing and simple. But the white chair? One diaper blowout and it is ruined.
I also like this:

Kids Design, Pictures, Remodeling, Decor and Ideas - page 23
I love the chandelier and the simple colors are soothing and easy to work with as the child grows. But it might be too pale and need a bit more color. This is definitely for a girl. But let's be pratical. How much sense does  a mirrored dresser make? Will it be covered with finger prints? Could the mirror be broken and cut someone?

Another that I really like is this one:
Baby H from
I love the colors in the rug and how simple it all is. There are touches of the rug colors all over the room.

We are not going to get started until we have a child (in our arms). There are so many  unknowns for us. We don’t know anything about our child yet. Boy or girl? Infant, toddler or older? Will we be able to build a relationship with the birth family or not? And so much more. We are taking each day as it comes and trying to be ready for it. We look at car seats, cribs, beds and clothes so we will be ready.  Hopefully, we will need all those things soon!


Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

I love all of those! I love how the rug in the last photo provides most of the color.

Can you tell me what you're thinking, as far as doing a nursery now, or would you wait until you were matched/chosen? For me, I wouldn't dare let myself go down the baby isles at the stores until after we had been chosen. But I know a lot of other adoptive moms who do their nurseries up as soon as they're application was approved. Which way are you leaning?

Jake and Terri said...

We aren't going to do anything until we are matched and even then probably not until the baby is born and we come home. So many things can happen and change on this journey!

I know what you mean about not going down the baby aisles at the store. Some days I can and some days I can't.

Thanks for the comment!

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

Like you, I had originally planned to not get anything until after we had been through the actual placement.

But with our first adoption, getting baby stuff after being chosen suddenly felt perfectly normal. We even had 2 baby showers before Liam was born! (And I had told myself it wasn't proper etiquette to have one until after placement.) I wonder what it will be like for us this time?

I still don't feel like I could just put together another nursery before we were even chosen. It will be interesting to see what you guys end up doing and which direction things go for you!