Friday, July 8, 2011

Bridal Shower

My cousin, K recently got married. She lives near my parents and apparently no one was going to give her a Bridal Shower. So my mom decided to do it. She called me and asked what to do. She didn’t’ want it to be to “risqué” but wanted everyone to have fun.
K's recipe book - you can see the tabs I fought with!
Well, I got on the internet and really didn’t find anything but did see one gal who had a recipe shower for her college roommate. Well they did it using email. We decided to have a recipe shower. We emailed all the family that wouldn’t be able to come to the shower (because is just too far!) so they could participate. Then we asked all the guests to bring a recipe or two and some of the ingredients to make the recipe.
It worked out great! We got a 3 ring binder with plastic sleeves to put the recipes in. I found classy black and white scrapbook paper for the dividers and then attached tabs (they were a bit harder to put on than I thought they would be).  Everyone added their recipe when they came in and wrote something on it if they wanted (this is great, or I usually add more garlic) etc. K left with between 50 and 75 recipes (when we added in the ones from family and the guests that attended) that people she knows have tried and say are good.  She also had lots of ingredients like flour, sugar, spices, cans of fruit etc, so her shelves won’t be bare.  My mom went to the Store for cooking tools for favors. She got all red ones and they looked so cute in a basket with a yellow ribbon and a tag with some cooking websites.  We did this in April and rumor has it the guest are still talking about it (I think my mom is just being nice.)
The centerpiece and some of the food!

Here's the rest of the food! Everyone enjoyed the fruit kabobs, cheese and crackers, chips and salsa and the banana split cake. To make your own Banana Split Cake go here. They were great and I put them in glasses that were our Grandmother's (made the evening a bit more special!).

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