Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kate Middleton and Me!!

I was reading about Kate Middleton (is she Princess Kate now, most seem to just refer to her as Kate) and how she is so stylish. I have seen so many pictures of her and she looks great in every one.

But this article talked about how she is wearing. . .sheer stockings(nylons). The author thought this might be a Glamour Don't but let’s think about this.
How many of us have perfect legs (and I mean not just the perfect shape, but also color)? Come on. Raise your hands high!

Don’t worry- my hand isn’t up either! I wear stockings to church every Sunday. I do it for lots of reasons (but I will only give you a few. . .yes you're welcome!)-

My legs are the color of concrete!?!

1 My legs are REALLY white. I am not going to try to tan them and self tanner really doesn’t work. It looks really strange to have gorgeous tanned legs and pasty white arms, neck and face.
2 My feet often express a bit more juice than I would like (is that a nice enough way to say I have sweaty feet?) and stockings really help keep me from swimming in my shoes.
3 I love the extra bit of skinniness I get from the control top of the stockings. (Let’s be honest ladies- every little bit helps right?)

So there you have it- Me and Kate- trend setters! (Yeah I’m laughing too. Don’t tell her. She might stop wearing the stockings!)

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