Saturday, July 23, 2011

HGTV Design Star

There has been a lot of talk about HGTV design Star. I keep seeing commercials on TV and ads on the internet. So I tried watching it on Monday.  The basic idea (if you haven’t watched it) is several designers from all over the country compete to win their own show on HGTV. They have all different backgrounds and lengths of time in the decorating business.  Each week there is a challenge and the judges see who the best is and who the worst is and one person goes home. The person left at the end gets their own show.

The episode I watched had the white box challenge. The designers all had a white room with a futon, a desk, chair, two end tables and a lamp in the room. They went to a restaurant supply store to buy what they needed to decorate the room. It did not need to be functional (which to my mind means what is the point?) So the rest of the time was spent watching the trials and tribulations of these designers.

At the end, we saw the judges go to each room and make comments.  (Jake had plenty of comments too-he is not a fan of decorating shows but he does humor me!)
The judges thought this was the winner.

The judges thought this was a middle design- not art-y enough I guess?
Well, I really couldn’t figure out the point. The rooms the judges liked the best were more like art than a room (maybe that is the point; but if I want someone to help decorate my house I need to be able to live in it after-right?)  and the ones who kept the room too useful looking were at the bottom.  
This was one of the bottom designs. Her table got bumped and fell appart right as time was called.
I thought the show was okay. I am not dying to watch again but I am a bit curious about what they other challenges are and if any of these designers can make a room look good and be usable.  

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