Thursday, July 7, 2011

School Supplies

I was in Wal.mart today and noticed all the school supplies are out! It seems like school just got out (and it did!) but we do have a few year round schools here and they start sometime in July. By having a shorter summer they get more breaks during the year and some of the breaks are longer (more time at Christmas and more time at Spring Break as well as other breaks).  I know a few teachers that work at Year round Schools and they love it. Parents with kids in just elementary schools don’t are fine with it but those who have some in elementary school and some in middle or high school don’t  like it as much.
But back to the school supplies. It is interesting to watch people choose the supplies. Some parents bring the children and make a big deal of it. Some parents leave the children at home and buy exactly what is on the list. Some use the list as more of a guideline and get more what they want. There is something about brand new markers and crayons that is so fun. There are so many kinds of markers too. I have never had the washable ones (to expensive). I wonder are they really washable? Do they work just as well? Are the colors as dark? What makes them washable? 
I even saw clear glue.  How are the kids going to know they have enough? It is hard enough with the white glue. I love the idea it is washable.  I do like glue sticks but they are used up so fast that the white glue is much more economical. I have seen a child use an entire glue stick on one project (that wasn’t that big!!!) and even if you get them for 25cents at Wal.mart it is going to add up!

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