Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm a Blog Stalker!

HI! If you are here from TheRHouse! Welcome! Let's get this started right!

I'm Terri and I'm a blog stalker!

Hi Terri!

I read LOTS of blogs. I love hearing reading everyone's stories. I have learned so much from other families who have adopted, who have placed children for adoption and who are trying to adopt. I also love trying the recipes, the DIY projects (and I really sound nosy don't I?)

I rarely leave a comment. Why you ask. Well, I guess because I feel silly and I am afraid I will say write something that will offend someone or hurt their feelings. I have emailed several blog authors (is that the right term? Is there a term for that- hey you could leave that in the comments!!!) and I guess if I offend them they are the only ones that see it (unless they send it to all their friends with read this horrible/dorky/ weird comment I got or even worse. .  . POST IT ON THEIR BLOG!! ARG!!)

Anyway, I am trying to to better. I am going to try leaving more comments- even if it just says thanks for sharing. Hopefully you will know that those few words are heartfelt and genuine.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to comment- or stalk- or email me if you prefer!

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Chris and Kristy said...

I love this post! I too fall into the blog stalker category and I'm proud of it. You can learn so much from others and it's fun to take a peek into their lives. Sometimes I put things on our blog and someone will comment to me in person and I wonder, "How did they know about that?" Catches me off guard sometimes but I love to share and read what others have to share! We can be blog stalking buddies together. Believe me, we're not alone in this.