Friday, July 22, 2011

It's HOT!!

I don’t know how it is where you are, but we are ROASTING! In an effort to stay cool we are staying inside and thinking about cool things. Like pools, ice, and Christmas!

Last December, Jake and I spent a few days of the Christmas holiday with my parents. My sister L. was visiting with her kids; V. and J. Her husband only got to stay a few days due to his work.  We had a good time seeing them and enjoyed seeing the kids.  L. was making dinner one night and so V. and I were playing beauty shop. I was surprised that she wanted me to do her hair (as a kid I wanted to do someone else's hair).

I couldn't really think of anything fancy, so we went to the internet! I found a website and we looked through until V found a style she liked then we went to try it. We had a great time! V. loved posing for the pictures after we finished. She really enjoyed choosing the hairstyles (I think we did 6 different hairstyles!)
One style V. chose!
Another style- much easier and quicker than the first one!

None of the hairstyles turned out exactly like the pictures but V. had fun and L got dinner ready (which was delicious!).  V.'s Barbie got a new hairdo too but wouldn't pose for pictures!

V. posing with Uncle Jake and a new hairdo!

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