Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fudgie and Pansy

Fudge enjoying a pat!
Pansy wondering- what is going on?
Our neighbors have two dogs, a boxer and a BUGG. The BUGG is half Boston Bull Terrier and half Pug. When we first moved in we didn’t know their names so we named them. The boxer is Pansy because he barks at everything and looks mean but he is a big pansy (thus the name) and would probably lick you to death rather than bite you. The BUGG is Fudgie- because she is the color of fudge.
Jake decided we needed to be friends with the dogs and thought that treats might work. Of course, they did.
Now we come out and the dogs sit and we give them a treat through the fence. Pansy tries to shake to get more treats. After the treats, we pat them for a while.  Pansy usually pushes Fudge out of the way to get extra pats. Fudge is more independent and doesn’t seem to care about the pats as much as Pansy. But if Pansy starts to growl at us, Fudge will nip at his ankles and jump up to put her paws in his face. Pansy starts folding himself in half and tap dancing to get away. She is definitely in charge!

Fudge getting ready for the treat!

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