Friday, July 15, 2011


We are in the Finding part of the adoption process. We are hoping to find someone who will choose us to parent their child. So far this has been the hardest part. I say so far because although making the decision to stop fertility treatments was hard, filling out he paperwork and answering the seemingly thousands of questions was hard, it is not the same as this part (but this is as far as we have come and so if the next part is harder I'll update this. I also know every experience is different and this is NOT a complaint).
As we filled out the paperwork and answered the questions, we felt we were moving forward and working toward something. We were doing something. Now we are hoping something we do (this blog, an email, a pass along card, etc)  will lead us to someone who knows someone who will consider us. 
It feels a bit like when you move to a new place and you are trying to find your way around. You know that the store is close but you aren’t exactly sure how close. You start on your way and keep thinking I am almost there… as you drive a bit farther. You wonder if you made a wrong turn  but you keep thinking you are very close.  When you get there you are so glad. Now this analogy doesn’t work if you have GPS and there doesn’t seem to be a GPS for adoption! At least not that we have found. (If you have this GPS. . .)
We know that we will find someone and/or someone will find us. We keep thinking we are very close (mostly every time I open the email). We just don’t know when that will be. We know things will work out.


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