Friday, July 29, 2011


You hear talk about adoption in the news. There are famous people who have adopted-Mariska Hargitay, Sandra Bullock, Denise Richards, and many more. They choose adoption for different reasons and have different stories. Most keep the details out of the news (which I think is good).
Glenn Beck and his wife Tania also adopted. They shared their story at a Families Supporting Adoption Conference in 2007. Both gave very powerful talks about their journey which you can read here.  I loved how open and honest they were about their feelings throughout their journey.  Two parts really stood out to me.
The first is when Glenn beck is talking about his son’s birthmother and he calls her a superhero.  He says she is “an example of what real superheroes do. Real superheroes don’t think about themselves. Real superheroes don’t make their life all about them. Real superheroes do the hard thing…” This is absolutely true. Birthmothers and birthfathers and birthfamilies are superheroes. Adoption is not an easy choice. It is not the popular choice. Families that can make that choice should be thought of as superheroes!
The other part that really touched me is in the final paragraph.  Glenn Beck talks about the premortal existence.I know that we stood around and we were honored when that soul looked at us and said, “I want you as my dad, and I want you as my mom. Somehow or another we’ll find each other.” It’s not just getting any child. It’s sometimes waiting for that soul who is trying desperately to fulfill their side of the bargain and to fulfill what you guys set out to do in the first place and to be reunited with his family for time and all eternity.”
WOW! He puts it so well. We are hopeful that we will find the child who is looking for us!
Read the rest of Glenn Beck and Tania Beck’s talks here.