Friday, August 5, 2011

5 Things

If you are here from LDS Adoption Connection (or anywhere else reallyJ), Welcome! Thanks Deanna for sending so many people my way. Thank you for coming back!
The weather here has been CRAZY! We had a huge storm with flash flooding (none by us J), lightning and thunder. How sad is that –talking about the weather?!?
I have been thinking a lot about things I really like and can’t do without. So here are five things I am enjoying now:

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Clinique products are wonderful! I had acne during my teens and into my 20’s (ugh!). When I went to a dermatologist, he recommended Clinique products. I have used them ever since and love them. I only buy at bonus time! I love trying the new products!
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I love the library! I love to read and there is no way I could buy all the books I want to read. I can’t afford it and where would I put all those books?

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Ceiling fans are WONDERFUL this time of year! It keeps the air moving and that helps us feel cooler. We have ceiling fans in every room of our house!
I am loving Pinterest (both images from google images). You look at pictures of all kinds of things and Pin the ones you like into catagories you choose. It is a great place to keep ideas for all kinds of things (baby gifts, organization ideas, DIY ideas, etc,etc,etc). Be careful! It is SO addicting! You do need and invitation to join (I just signed up and waited for a few hours).

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I love Diet Coke. There are only two things we NEVER run out of and Diet Coke is one (toilet paper is the other)

So- there you have it. Five things I really like now!
What things do you like?

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