Thursday, August 25, 2011


Tuesday there was an earthquake here on the east coast. My parents felt it in Virginia but we didn’t feel it here. There are people that could feel it near us but said it felt like an 18 wheeler going by.  My mom keeps sending emails to update us and let us know they are fine but feeling aftershocks. The last time there was an earthquake in this area was 1897 (maybe I better Google that to check. Hang on for a second. . .Chat among yourselves... OK. It was actually 1884. Which makes me wonder about how they measured them. A lot has happened since 1884-Do they use similar machines now? A similar scale to tell the strength? )
But the really big news is Hurricane Irene. It is heading for us. We are far enough inland that we will get a lot of rain and some wind (as long as Irene stays on the current path).  You never really know with a hurricane. Sometimes they go a different way or are weaker or stronger than expected. We will see what happens! Definitely a big week for Mother Nature!
For snow storms everyone goes to the store to get bread and milk. For hurricanes it is about the same.  We went to the store and now we have plenty of bread and milk (and other things to feed us). When Hurricane Rita hit Texas a few years ago it knocked out the oil refineries and we didn’t have gas for about three weeks. There were lines and cops at the few stations that had gas. They limited how many gallons you could get. It was crazy! So we have prepared for that too.

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Deanna said...

My thoughts are with you...stay safe!