Thursday, August 18, 2011

HGTV Design Star

I was watching HGTV Design Star the other night. I really didn’t plan to get involved in this show at all. The first episode was just okay and I am not a huge fan of reality TV since I’m pretty sure it isn’t all that real! I wasn’t planning to watch again but I kept wondering how the designers would do on each new challenge.
I have not really cared for Cathy too much. She seems very capable and has experience (as she likes to remind us) and confidence but she is not very easy to work with (again- is that just editing or is that really how she is? If it is; how does she keep her business going? ) Well, this week she went home.  I guess this time she blamed one too many people for how her project turned out. She has struggled to work with everyone she has been paired with (it really didn’t matter who she was with either).

It will really be interesting to see if the dynamics of the show change since she is gone.  I have not been keeping up on the HGTV website but the comments about Cathy are not positive (unless you are glad she is gone
J) I haven't paid enough attention to notice if the person who goes home has more on camera time on their last episode.
At the end of the show, they told you how to be on the next Design Star series. After just getting a tiny taste of the comments (on the website) – you really have to be confident and secure to do this- not only to do the challenges but to handle the comments. The judges are very nice and generally positive. If things don’t go well they offer suggestions to make it better and are professional about it. On the website it is a different story.
I didn’t read any comments that said who would win.  I think it will be Meg or Kelly. They both are consistently good both on the design side and on the camera challenge.  If you like decorating shows give it a try!

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