Thursday, August 11, 2011

What is going on?

As part of my daily routine I check the page views on each of our profiles. I check to see if the number of views is up (YAY!) and what parts of the profiles are getting looked at the most.  So far, there have been a pretty predictable number of views on each profile.
There have been times when the LDS profile (see it here) has few or no views for days :(. Until this week.  Suddenly our profile is getting 50-75 hits per day (some days even 100). This is new and exciting. I hope this means someone is interested and maybe looking many times?
We are still considering which new picture to use for our profile. Please give your opinion! (See the choices here )
Jake has been very busy this week helping to finish up the Eagle Scout project he worked on in July. They are getting together tonight to finish everything up. He helped make some bookshelves that will go to a local school. The teachers I know can always use more bookshelves!

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Chris and Kristy said...

Wow! Bet it makes your heart flutter seeing those numbers suddenly jump. Makes you wonder what is going on! It's a good thing. I loved keeping a spreadsheet of all of our data each day. It sure can affect your mood though-good or bad! Sometimes I would try to not look each day but that didn't work. Keeping our fingers crossed and prayers sent!