Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Conatiner Garden

On our back porch we have four plants. I have them in pots so I can move them around and move them inside during the winter. One is a plumeria we got in Hawaii on our honeymoon. It has never bloomed. I am not sure why. It does very well outside. It has lots of leaves now and I love that is has the look of a palm tree.

We also have two blueberry bushes. One bush I have had for a couple years. It has never had even one blueberry. I heard that you need two bushes to get fruit so we got another bush this year. Still no berries. It could be the bushes are too small or it takes a few years to bear fruit. We didn't get any flowers this year. I knew that wasn't a good sign. I keep thinking maybe next year!
The last plant is a knockout rose bush. It is a bit thin this year but usually has beautiful red roses on it. The heat is really hard on roses. I think it might perk up when the weather cools down. My principal gave every staff member a rose bush one year for teacher appreciation week. It was such a thoughtful gift. I love roses. We had 9 wonderful rose bushes at our old house in Utah. The humidity seems to make growing roses harder here. The knockout roses aren’t as big or full of petals as some other varieties but they are very easy to grow and take very little work.

What plants do you have?

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