Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Fall (well almost!!)

Even though it is still very warm (96 when I got in my car this afternoon!!!!) we are starting to feel a bit of fall in the air. There are a few leaves here and there starting to change. The corn is very dry and the farmers are cutting it. And the biggest clue of all…….Football season is here!
Jake is a sports fan. He use to watch and keep track of all sports but as time has gone on he has become more involved in other things (guitar, keeping the yard up, etc, etc). We don’t watch every game of every sport but we do watch the Stanly Cup finals, the World Series and of course football.

Jake loves the Dallas Cowboys (well, some years more than others) and the PAC 12. Growing up his dad was (and still is) a Cowboys fan and so all the kids were Cowboys fans.

Jake is really good to explain things while we are watching (sometimes there are live reenactments!!). He knows how another team’s win or loss impacts his team and what needs to happen so the Cowboys can go to the playoffs. He watches the sidelines to see how the players are acting there (are they sitting with their heads down? Are they up and engaged?). He knows the coaches and assistant coaches how they did with the teams they have worked with before.

So along with the smell of pumpkin, apples and cinnamon; our home is filled with the sound of the Dallas Cowboys (hopefully winning!!)

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