Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Laugh

Jake recently had to tell a funny story about me. These sorts of situations make me nervous because Jake LOVES to tell stories and make people laugh. I wasn’t sure what story he would choose. . .
While we were living in Utah we took a weekend and visited Promontory Point. It is the place where the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroad met connecting the East and West by train.
We looked around at the museum and saw the actual spike that connected everything and then went to watch a movie about the whole process.  The movie showed how hard everyone worked and how bad the conditions were.
During one part of the movie it is cold and snowy. A man is leaving his tent to go get water. He has to break the ice in a pond to get it. The music lets you know. . .something is about to happen and it won’t be good.  While he is breaking the ice, we hear the THWAPPP of an Indian arrow. It hits the man and he falls over. Unfortunately it hit me as hysterically funny and I laughed. LOUDLY.  (That loud laugh that everyone has.) The one that is out before you can stop it. This made Jake laugh and we laughed and giggled through the rest of the movie. We tried to be quite and luckily there weren’t very many people in the theater.
What funny story would someone tell about you?

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Chris and Kristy said...

I am giggling my head off! Funny how some things hit us and it's usually at an inappropriate time. I've had way too many of those awkward moments. I was dating a guy after my sophomore year of college. He drove up to my house and we sat in the car talking. I knew he totally wanted to kiss me but he wasn't making any moves. He then asked me if he could give me a kiss goodnight. Hello...you don't ask! You just do it!! I know he was trying to be respectful and all but talk about killing a moment. All I could do was bust out in laughter. I kept looking at him laughing and he just stood there. Hello!!! I finally leaned in for the kiss just to break the awkward moment. I couldn't get the giggles to go away though. Good times!