Monday, August 29, 2011

Speaking in Church

Jake had to speak in church Sunday. (In our church people in the congregation take turns speaking. There is a topic each Sunday and those who have been asked to speak study that topic and tell what they have learned. Typically a talk lasts about 15 minutes).  He worked on it all week and got up early to finish up.
He did a really good job. His topic was standing firm in the faith. He used a talk by Julie Beck as a starting point.  You can read her message here.
He did a great job. I was nervous for him and very glad when he was finished and so was he!
I get to help in the Primary (read more about Primary here ) and teach the 5 year old class. I have 7 children in my class (when they are all there). We act out the stories in the lesson and try to get the children up and moving whenever I can. Some weeks I come home EXHAUSTED but I think the children enjoy it and seem to learn. They are able to remember and talk about stories we have done in weeks past!

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