Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for. . .

C is for. . .clothes, cleaning, carpet, cats and lots of other things. Today C reminds me of a trip to the circus.
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When I was a kid (maybe 10ish) my dad came home with tickets to the circus. It was a total surprise for my brothers and sisters and I.  We were very excited!  We piled into the car and I’m sure all of us talked the whole way.

We wanted to ride an elephant (until we got there and saw how big they really were). The circus was just like on TV. It was set up in a field. There were lots of people (both visitors and circus performers) milling around.  One lady that really stands out in my memory had on a sparkly costume and a tall headdress. I remember the costume and that she was only my size! Later, I saw her riding on the back of a horse doing tricks.

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I remember sitting in the dark tent trying to decide where to look. I didn’t want to miss anything but couldn’t take it all in at once.  I tried looking at each ring quickly and moving on to the next and the next and then back to the first ring. It didn’t work.  I did see tight rope walkers, clowns, lion tamers and the ringmaster.

I was really shocked by the smell (funny how no one ever mentions the special smell a circus has). We didn’t have pets as kids and didn’t have a lot of experience with animals.  

It was a great night. This is one of those memories that float way in the back of my mind. It comes to the surface once in a while. 

Check back tomorrow when you’ll find out what d is for!

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