Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for. . .

T is for Talents.

Everyone has a talent for something. Some people are great at putting colors together, others are good at putting words together and others are good at putting sounds together (just to name a few).

Some talents you can see easily. The well dressed woman-

The well landscaped yard

The well written book
A Wrinkle in Time (Newberry Award Winner, 1963)

Other talents are harder to see- people with a talent for compassion, listening to others, seeing things that need doing and doing them.  These talents are just as important as composing, telling jokes or great acting but not often recognized as talents.

Some talents are easier to develop than others (especially if you already have a natural affinity in that area). If I want to be a better singer I can take lessons and practice a lot. I will get better but I will probably never be singing duets with Carrie Underwood.

Being more thoughtful or compassionate (or insert your choice here) is a little harder. Where do you take compassionate lessons? Finding someone who is compassionate and using them for a model is one way to “take lessons”.

What talent do you want to develop?

Check back tomorrow to find out what U is for. . .


Bex said...

Interesting observations. I particularly agree with the compassion and listening - I think people have to be insightful enough to want to develop these natural traits. It takes work, but is doable.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing my love and passion for all things Greek and Greece.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Eveyone has talent of something or another, but whether they persue it os a different matter.
Good post.


Anna Smith said...

Some people may not even realise they are talented in a certain area, which is a shame :)

Kathleen Moulton said...

Hi! Visiting from the A-Z challenge. Your blog title caught my eye.

I'm adopted and "finding our family" just connected.

I wish you both the best!


Tracy said...

great post! Let's see what talent do I want to develop? Probably using my new SLR digital camera because all the buttons are overwhelming. I really want to be proficient with that :)