Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for

J is for Jangled Nerves.

While I was getting ready today, I heard a bird VERY close. It sounded like it was coming from the vent. I was worried we had a bird stuck in the fan. Jake came and popped the cover off and had a look.

"It this the way out?" said the bird.

I was really worried a bird was going to fall into the bathroom. I had visions of us chasing a bird and it turning into a scene from the movie The Birds! (Great movie if you like scary movies!)

The Birds (Collector's Edition)

Luckily no bird fell out of the fan but Jake could see that some birds have built a nest in the tube (is that the right word?) that leads from the fan to the outside. I went and had a look outside the house and could see the evidence. We have a cover on the other vents but not on the one the birds used.  They are smarter than they look!
The birds have really made themselves at home!

As soon as the babies fly away we will get covers on these last two vents. Until then we are going to keep the fan running (hoping to avoid a bird going toward the wrong light and having a HORRIBLE accident), and just deal with strange tweeting, pecking and hope for the best!
This is what the covers look like!

In other news, our caseworker was here today for the home visit and it went very well. A few more papers filled out and we are approved to adopt for another year. Hopefully we will find someone (or they will find us) soon!!
Come back tomorrow to finish this sentence- K is for. . .


Martha said...

Glad the visit went well and hope the birds stay safe until the babies are born and out of the nest - could be a sign :)

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Pleased the visited went well. Also the bird and young are safe.
I well remember the film "The Birds".
Have a good day.