Sunday, April 22, 2012

S is for. . .

S is for Service.

Today (really yesterday since this post is late) Jake and I went to the Cannery.  Our church (we belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) puts an emphasis on lots of things but going to the Cannery helps us with is being prepared for emergencies and serving others.

One way to be prepared is to have food stored in your home for times when you can’t get to the store (bad weather, bad health etc), don’t have money (lost a job) or something else happens. At the Cannery, we can put dry goods in big cans and most of the food will keep for 25 years. We canned flour, sugar, wheat, beans, rice, fruit drink mix and lots of other things.  It takes several people to work all the stations. Two to fill up the cans, one to put the oxygen pack in, one to run the canning machine (it seals the lid on), and two to put all the cans in boxes for us to take home. We also needed one or two to be gophers (go for another bag of oatmeal, go check if there is any rice, etc, etc). Not everyone who buys the food can go to the Cannery (that's where the service comes in!)

It is fun and I love looking at the pile of boxes and seeing what we have accomplished at the end of our appointment. If you want to know more about being prepared go here. Not only does the food keep a long time the prices are VERY reasonable.

For  a great post about going to the Cannery from someone who had never been click here. There are lots of pictures too!

Check back later to see what the Sunday Thought is and tomorrow to see what T is for. . .


That corgi :) said...

I had a friend years ago who was also of your faith; here they had a tuna cannery where people would go to do their service; she would always relate her experinces there (them pretending the fish were talking, that kind of thing :)

Always good to be prepared and have extra supplies; we live in earthquake country and have our emergency preparedness things needed :)


Dawn said...

I found your post very informative and quite practical. I have never heard of a Cannery, but have to admit it is a really great idea! Thanks for stopping by earlier today!
PS: as an adoptive mom of 2, I am interested to learn about your journey to parenthood, so am following your blog. (-:

Damyanti said...

Interesting post..never heard of this before.