Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for. . .

H is for Home study.
We are in the middle of renewing our home study. When we decided to adopt we needed a home study to show we are able to provide for a child. We answered tons of questions (covering everything from discipline; to how we grew up; to our relationship with each other; to what our brothers, sisters and parents do), get physicals, and have background checks, credit checks, gather references, have interviews, home visits and more. Our agency gave us a list which really helped. I could check things off as I finished them or the paperwork came in and I mailed it. 
Since we are renewing, we don’t have to answer the background questions again (some were easy but some took a lot of thought) or get references.  We do get to have all the background checks done, physicals, another interview and a home visit.  Our caseworker is coming this week to do our home visit. It is a little nerve racking (she isn’t going to look in closets but I want them clean just in case).
We hope to find a child we will get the opportunity to parent. We know that the more people who know we are looking to adopt the better chance we have of finding someone who will choose us. The world is a big place and in some ways the internet makes it bigger (you can contact people all over the world) and smaller (people far away seem close).
The A to Z challenge has given me motivation to post every day and try to write about adoption more.  While every post hasn’t been about adoption there have been more about adoption than usual!
Thanks for reading!


welcome to my world of poetry said...

A wonderful H word, a step nearer your dream.


Lindsey said...

Good luck with everything in your adoption precess. =]

Anonymous said...

Best wishes on your process of adopting a child.


Martha said...

Sure hope the process is a smooth one and hope you are able to find that special child soon!