Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for. . .

W is for Waiting.

For many hopeful adoptive families, there is a lot of waiting. After all the paperwork is filled out they are put on a list and they wait. Their agency takes it from there.

We are not in a Waiting stage; we are in a Finding stage. Our agency encourages us to actively try to find someone who will consider us as adoptive parents for their child.

I think the difference is subtle but important. Waiting sounds passive (even though those who are waiting to be chosen are thinking about adoption every minute of every day). Finding sounds active and helps us feel we are active participants in the adoption process.  

Some of the things we are doing are:

Pass along cards with our names and information that I leave all kinds of places- restaurants, hair salons, doctor’s offices, libraries, bulletin boards etc. Any where that someone who knows someone might find the card and either use it or pass it along.

This blog. We hope this blog will give more information about us than our profile can. If you know someone who is considering an adoption plan; feel free to send a link to our blog!

Emails to our friends and family every 6 months or so to remind them we are hoping to adopt.

Basically the more people who know we are hoping to adopt the better our chance of finding someone who will consider us.  

Thank you for joining us on our journey!

Come back tomorrow to find out X is for. . .

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That corgi :) said...

I think the waiting is the hardest thing, but it is neat that you are doing this approach with finding. We just worked with the agencies and had them find (but this was 26/23 years ago). Honestly, both calls came when it was the least expected, totally out of the blue on days I wouldn't have thought anything special would happen, but they did :)

hang in there :)