Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for. . .

O is for Ocean!
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I love the ocean. My dad grew up on San Diego very close to the beach (he could walk!) We visited California as often as we could (with 5 kids it was pretty expensive).  We loved going to see my grandparents and not just for the beach. My grandmother had an orange tree in the back yard and would give us fresh orange and banana fruit salad for breakfast.

One year my family went to see my grandparents for Christmas. My dad’s three sisters came too. There were tons of people and lots of kids. Every family had a four year old (so that’s 4) and there were 6 other kids. It was so much fun!

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Both of my brothers lived in the Los Angeles area for a while. We enjoyed visiting them. The beach wasn’t as close enough to walk but it was close enough to go for a morning. One time we were at a beach (I don’t know which one) and we saw dolphins, pelicans and seals. It was wonderful.

When Jake and I first moved to North Carolina we went to Charleston, South Carolina. We found a “secret” beach and spent time strolling up and down the beach watching the waves come in and collecting shells.  So relaxing!

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The ocean and the beach have so many great memories for me. What has great memories for you?

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That corgi :) said...

Love the beach and since I'm in the San Diego area (but not close enough to walk to the beach) I have wonderful beach memories from my teen years, etc. Even now there is something so cool about seeing the ocean and walking the dog on our favorite walking path by the marina.

A wonderful memory is spending time down at the beach with my mom, looking for shells, bringing a picnic lunch, spending the day together :)

have a great Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures of the ocean. I have great memories of spending time in the U.P.